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Our Philosophy is to perform at the highest standards and to provide a service, which is innovative and unmatched. 

We develop deep and committed relationships with a small number of clients and help them deliver a superior performance by optimising the composition of their Board and Executive team. We engage with organisations who believe in a partnership; where there is sincerity, focus and commitment to build a genuine partnership over time.

By providing total dedication, we serve our clients with advice that is based on a deep understanding of their organisation, an expert perspective on their leadership needs, and a thorough knowledge of the universe of potential candidates which combine to produce real insight.

Blenheim Partners has “no limitations” in the pursuit of excellence, and ensures discipline, rigour, tenacity and absolute discretion to achieve only a successful outcome for our clients.

Our fee structure is unique to the industry. We allow our clients to determine the fee based on their expectations being exceeded. 

Our culture is built on Pride, Professionalism and Esprit de Corps.