"The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Our Assessment and Consultancy practice conducts executive team audit, leadership and competency gap analysis, leadership benchmarking, structured development plans and executive coaching.

Where clients have particular issues around team effectiveness or organisational dynamics, we provide highly tailored support and a programme of action; including interview, assessment and identification of leadership and skill gaps. With expertise, proprietary tools and extensive experience, we provide insight into the executive dynamic ; the leadership capabilities; style and aptitudes; as well as culture and team machinations that support better leadership decisions at important junctures for the  leader and the organisation.

Understanding the individual and collective dynamics of the leadership team is critical for Boards and Chief Executives. We work with clients to build on their existing executive development programmes through in-depth interview and assessment and if required a structured development programme. One to one coaching or team coaching can achieve rapid performance improvement. Our assessment of team and executive is benchmarked against external markets to provide our client with an appreciation of talent capability. This helps in planning for Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructure, individual and team succession.

Assessment provides in-depth data and insights to support selection decisions for senior leadership roles. It delivers a comprehensive illustration of the candidates business and or functional expertise, industry fit and confidence, leadership traits, motivation and cultural fit. It highlights how candidates are likely to behave as well as identify potential de-railers or areas for further investigation prior to referencing and appointment.

Assessment also assists in the continuous  development of individuals or leadership teams providing objective and actionable data about executives in order to determine leadership potential and to inform strategies to build the necessary talent pipeline for critical roles. It also assists achieve optimal team integration and performance and onboarding plans for new CEOs and senior executives.

A comprehensive 90 day On Boarding Programme for senior appointments tailored to accelerate the new starter performance. The earliest days for a new leader are critical for setting the tone and agenda for the rest of their tenure. With considered planning, a new executive can maximise the first 90 days and lay the platform for success : structuring the right leadership team; evaluating and changing the organisational culture in line with the strategy; and building a constructive working rhythm and engagement with the board and important stakeholders.

Organizations that create and sustain high-performing senior leadership teams are better placed to excel the competition. We research and identify the ingredients and factors that have the greatest impact on the health of top leadership teams, including team fluidity, and character, and deliver insight for boosting team performance in alignment with the targeted direction of the business. This often involves review and analysis of team structure, communication clarity of role and purpose and general morale.

Our Elite Performance Unit consists of a team dedicated to those individuals whom have the responsibility of determining and defining the success of the organisation.

A high-touch focus with psychologist and executive to develop a plan for creating sustainable, high-performance activity. This is a one on one engagement with the CEO/Senior Executives.

The team provide a high level consultative service and work closely with the key decision makers and influencers of the organisation in assisting with fine-tuning their performance as well as assessing potential high performers.

When engaged our client’s executives undertake an in-depth psychological interview and appraisal. We take into consideration a number of core competencies, including current performance benchmarks, psychological profile, existing behaviours, existing work culture and operating and leading style. The Elite Performance Unit will provide an evaluation and tailored programme in reference to the client’s requirements.

Our secondary purpose is to play a lead role in the debate and forum of elite performance. We exchange, challenge, and present current and historical thinking of experts in both an advisory capacity and those who have achieved elite performance in their chosen career.

We believe elite performance lessons can be learned and transferred from a cross section of occupations and nations, and as such we engage with a broad global community.

The Elite Performance Unit’s community includes:

  • Chairman & Chief Executives
  • Leading Psychologists
  • Leading Academics
  • Leading Coaches in high performance in Sport
  • Members of the leading units within the Armed forces and Emergency Services

A consultation process to managing Senior Executives through their departure and re-engagement to the workforce. This includes assessment of skills, in-depth interview, candidate preparation, coaching, market intelligence and plan for re-entry.

Expert advice for compensation and remuneration.

We advise clients on their reputation from a broad perspective; achieved through a tailored survey and confidential market engagement.

We perform an independent assessment of the competitor landscape including organisation structure, leadership profiles, non-public information, executive movements, competitor strategy and themes.

Especially useful for the Business Development function in understanding the customer landscape, structure and executive movements. A tailored process to match our clients requirements and market geography.