In Episode 9, “The Death of Trust And Its Resurrection”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak with Ian Elliot, one of Australia’s leading marketing minds.

Ian learned the marketing ropes from the ground up. He began as a mail boy in Australia’s biggest advertising agency, George Patterson, and progressed to be its Chairman and CEO. Along the way he helped create some memorable and valuable brands like the Optus ‘YES’ campaign. Ian retired at just 48 years old, before transitioning to senior ASX listed NED and Chair roles.

The informative and highly entertaining interview with Ian covers not just his personal and career journey but touches on some very important and prescient topics. He hits the high points of his best-selling book ‘Stop Bitching, Start Pitching’.

Trust is at the heart of brand building and business success. Ian outlines examples of how he believes we are living in a period where trust has never before been breached on so many fronts. The potential commercial, economic and social implications are far reaching and disturbing. His references to the recent Royal Commission pulls no punches. Ian cements his views on trust by sharing his own stories of his experiences around the world in which trust can be earned in the most subtle of ways, whilst also presenting his proprietary formula for measuring trust expressed as a mathematical equation.

‘Creating Wow Moments’ for clients is another topic Ian maintains is the key to successful profits. ‘I’m more interested in traction than transaction’ he says, ‘because repeat purchases by sticky loyal customers is the key to margin growth’. How he develops these outstanding moments of truth is fascinating.

EVERYONE who hears this podcast will make a note of The Elliot Trust Formula and use it to measure the trustworthiness of those they need to rely upon. From staff to employers, to suppliers to shareholders, friends and extended family members. Most importantly he asks us to judge our own score for trustworthiness and use that to embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

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