In Episode 10, “Redefining Leadership… A Higher Purpose”, Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak with Georgette Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Ltd.

Greg and Georgette converse on a number of topics including the redefinition of leadership, the importance of values, a broader approach to diversity and inclusion, the higher purpose to work, and how difficult it is for a female to get ahead. Georgette shares her personal experience in the face of adversity, highlighting that diversity and inclusion is much broader than just gender and that leadership is far more than the “last out the door” approach to work.

Georgette discusses the fundamental difference in business between Australia and the United States, emphasising how the United States culture is more willing to take risks. She highlights the challenges around short-termism, the need for the Board and the Executive team to be firmly aligned to the strategy, the conversation around remuneration and impact and asks are you living the values of the corporation and yourself. Ultimately Georgette believes in passion, resilience, humility and leaving the world better than when she arrived.

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