In Episode 123 of the No Limitations podcast Four Pillars of Humanity, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks with Stuart Gregor, Co-Founder of Four Pillars Gin.

In a captivating conversation, Stu takes us behind the scenes of the creation of Australia’s largest craft distillery, Four Pillars Gin and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives it. He discusses his journey, from his early days as a journalist to his experience in the wine industry and the founding of Liquid Ideas. Stu also provides insight into the art and science of creative and impactful marketing, innovation, and the customer experience. He leaves us with a valuable perspective on how we can distinguish ourselves in a highly competitive landscape in a world that has never been more connected.

Stuart Gregor is the Co-Founder of Four Pillars Gin, an award-winning Australian gin brand and distillery. He is also the Founder of Liquid Ideas, a creative communications agency that partners with well-known brands in the food, drink, and lifestyle industries. Stu has served on the Boards of OzHarvest and Starlight Foundation, and was previously the Inaugural Board Chair for the Australian Public Relations Council, as well as the President and Chair for the Australian Distillers Association.

Please note: this episode was recorded on 28 August 2023.

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