In episode 81, “The Pub Test,” Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Dan Brady, CEO and Managing Director of listed Redcape Hotel Group, CEO and Managing Director of MA Hotel Management – an investment grade Hospitality Manager (subsidiary of MA Financial Group), and an Executive Committee Member of MA Financial Group. Dan leads a hospitality group of more than 1,200 dedicated people who passionately enrich 31 different communities along Australia’s east coast.

In an engaging and energising conversation, Dan shares the key pillars to his leadership success including how he leads stakeholder success by elevating common values through a clear and simple vision and strategy which engenders a high level of trust within teams. Dan speaks about his leadership journey, and his belief that if you have purpose driven, values aligned people, they create a value chain of satisfied customers which in turn delivers sustainable Total Shareholder Returns (TSR).

Through a powerful and insightful conversation, what sets Dan apart as a leader is his purpose-led action and how he empowers those around him in all facets of his life to learn, grow and succeed. This has seen Dan drive unbelievable alignment and commitment from those who work with him and for him, customers, and investors. With an aim of leading excellence and transcending opportunities, he drives a transparent business model that delivers enhanced experiences to all stakeholders.

Using his experience, Dan actively contributes to the advancement and progression of the industry through his role as a Director of the Liquor Stax Retail Group and as an influential member of the Australian Hotels Association.

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