Muhammad Ali

"The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Our Elite Performance Unit consists of a team dedicated to those individuals whom have the responsibility of determining and defining the success of the organisation.

The team provide a high level consultative service and work closely with the key decision makers and influencers of the organisation in assisting with fine-tuning their performance as well as assessing potential high performers.

When engaged our client’s executives undertake an in-depth psychological interview and appraisal. We take into consideration a number of core competencies, including current performance benchmarks, psychological profile, existing behaviours, existing work culture and operating and leading style. The Elite Performance Unit will provide an evaluation and tailored programme in reference to the client’s requirements.

Our secondary purpose is to play a lead role in the debate and forum of elite performance. We exchange, challenge, and present current and historical thinking of experts in both an advisory capacity and those who have achieved elite performance in their chosen career.

We believe elite performance lessons can be learned and transferred from a cross section of occupations and nations, and as such we engage with a broad global community.

The Elite Performance Unit’s community includes:

  • Chairman & Chief Executives
  • Leading Psychologists
  • Leading Academics
  • Leading Coaches in high performance in Sport
  • Members of the leading units within the Armed forces and Emergency Services