In Episode 67, “Leading from the Heart”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Ronni Kahn AO, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of OzHarvest. Founded in 2004, OzHarvest has gone on to become Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, with a model making its way around the globe. Recognised as Australian Local Hero of the Year in 2010, Ronni also serves in an advisory capacity to government, was the subject of the eye-opening feature film Food Fighter and recently published her memoir, A Repurposed Life.

In a riveting discussion, Ronni shares the experiences which ultimately led to the founding and eventual success of OzHarvest; a journey of self-discovery, intrepid entrepreneurship and making a life-changing impact in society. With a mission to halve food wastage in Australia by 2030, especially during a time where food security and availability are continuously being tested, Ronni challenges us to shift our thinking and to take on a greater role in making a difference. Lastly, we are given a peek into OzHarvest’s upcoming release of an exciting world-first project.

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