In Episode 62, “Chance Favours the Prepared Mind”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Professor Sir Edward Byrne AC, President and Principal of King’s College London and Chairman of King’s Health Partners. He was previously University President and Vice Chancellor, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences of Monash University and Vice-Provost (Health) of University College London. Ed was also a founding Director of the Melbourne Neuromuscular Research Unit and the Centre for Neuroscience and has served as Non-Executive Director for Bupa and Cochlear Ltd.

In an insightful conversation, Ed shares with us his journey, which has seen him go back and forth between the United Kingdom and Australia, witnessing the significant breakthroughs in neuroscience and leading some of the world’s best universities. Greg and Ed cover the complex ecosystem that is higher education, its global nature, the challenges the sector faces during and even before the pandemic, and the similarities between universities in the United Kingdom and Australia and where they diverge. Finally, we gain a unique perspective into the current state of the United Kingdom and the intricacies associated with COVID-19 and Brexit.

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