In Episode 6, “The Street Smart CEO”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak with Brendon Cook, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of oOh! Media, a leading out-of-home advertising business in Australia and New Zealand. Brendon shares his story, from a dismal HSC result to founding and leading a world recognised business.

Brendon and Gregory discuss the various stages of oOh! Media including iterations of the business name over the last 39 years. He highlights the pivotal moments in the Company’s history from their first big client to the investors that believed in the Company’s vision for the future. They cover research, innovation and technology on the global stage and how Brendon has shaped a business to achieve targets eight years out. He and Gregory discuss the evolution of the industry and how out-of-home advertising has remained effective throughout the year’s thanks to cutting-edge technology. Brendon looks to the future of the out-of-home advertising industry and how to lead a company which blends property, real estate, logistics, advertising, media and technology.

Brendon has continuously elevated oOh! Media to a new level that’s far beyond what out-of-home was back when he bluffed his way through his first interview. He emphasises his personal commitment to learning and growth as well as developing a company culture with the same focus. He and Gregory discuss the changing needs of the business from hiring young talent that wanted to “have a go” to data architects and data scientists. Brendon hones in on the importance of a vision and developing a culture where your staff are happy to go to work.

From taking on Google and Facebook to advertising for driverless cars, Brendon leaves you with the feeling that anything is possible with the right attitude and a little perseverance.

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