In Episode 51, “That’s the Game!”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Marcus Blackmore AM, former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and currently Executive Director of Blackmores Ltd. Under his leadership, Blackmores has grown from a small range of natural remedies to become the number one natural health company in Australia. The Blackmores Group is now home to seven brands sold in 17 markets and recognised across the Asia Pacific region as the most trusted in natural health.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Marcus is also an honorary trustee of the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, an Honorary Fellow of the Heart Research Institute and an honorary Chief in Samoa.

In an engaging discussion, Marcus shares with us his experiences that have influenced him and led to his success. From his time in the army in Vietnam, the big decisions which ultimately shaped Blackmores, to the challenges corporate Australia face, he does not hold anything back. Finally, Marcus talks about his passion for life and people, the spirit of entrepreneurship and how to win a customer for life.

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