In Episode 48, “Innovation Is Just Hard Work”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson speaks to Sam Riggall, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Clean TeQ Holdings Ltd, an Australian and Canadian listed technology company focused on the development of resources to service new energy and materials markets. He previously held senior global roles with Rio Tinto Group and Ivanhoe Mines Ltd, where he led a successful negotiation with the Mongolian Parliament of a 50-year investment agreement for the Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine.

In a very thought-provoking episode, Sam challenges us to consider where we are as a society, highlighting that the world is at a tipping point, especially with the technological advances that await us. As the leader of a technology company that could help revolutionise renewable energy and the automotive and aerospace industries, Sam also recognises the organisation’s potential in providing safe drinking water and basic sanitation to almost a quarter of the world’s population.

Sam takes us on a journey that covers the chemistry in mining, social issues in the Congo, the chessboard on which geopolitical power brokers manoeuvre in, the hope of the entrepreneur and the realisation that Elvis lives on in Rural Australia. Finally, he sheds light on the meaning behind how the rule book is being rewritten and those who succeed will be ones who adapt fastest.

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