In Episode 44, “Focus on What’s Important”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to Sam Weiss, Non-Executive Chairman of Altium Ltd and 3P Learning Ltd. Elected as Chairman of Altium Ltd in 2007, Sam has been instrumental in the expansion and outstanding growth of the company, currently with a share price of about 33 times as it was when Sam’s tenure commenced.

Sam shares with us his journey across various industries from the United States to Australia, which included a fascinating period in Europe with the sporting giant Nike. He vividly recalls his encounters with legendary athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Cathy Freeman and the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.

In a very insightful conversation, Sam and Greg talk about the technology industry, including trends on the global stage and what can be done in Australia to transform it from a society that predominantly consumes tech products into an environment conducive to developing and producing technology. Sam draws on his experiences, particularly with Altium, and imparts his knowledge and wisdom to current and aspiring Directors on how they can achieve the goal of generating value for shareholders.

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