In Episode 42, “Picking Up Sticks”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson speaks to Mick McCormack, former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of APA Group. Under Mick’s fourteen-year leadership, APA Group grew from 30 employees and assets worth $1.3bn to 3,000 employees and assets of $24bn and delivered a compound rate of return to shareholders of over 17% per year.

The big vision coupled with the resilience instilled in him growing up on a farm, we hear of Mick’s journey from hard hats and steel caps to leading an ASX 50 Company. Mick shares his views on authentic leadership, decision-making and setting the culture that are crucial to an organisation’s success.

In a candid conversation, Greg and Mick discuss energy infrastructure in Australia and compare it to the standards overseas, a high point of topic as all nations examine how gas supply will help stimulate an economic recovery. They delve into Mick’s motivations, the causes he is passionate about and the changes he looks forward to seeing in the country. Lastly, we hear of the mum test, which has proven to be a reliable tool Mick calls upon in helping him focus and bring things to perspective.

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