In Episode 41, “Open for Debate”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to John Fraser, Chairman of AMP Capital Holdings Ltd, Director of AMP Ltd, Judo Bank, the Future Fund and Advance. John served as the Secretary to the Australian Treasury from 2015 to 2018 and before that was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UBS Global Asset Management based in London. He was previously a Member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Council of Financial Regulators, as well as the Chair of the G20 Global Infrastructure Hub and the Victorian Funds Management Corporation.

In this insightful conversation, John shares with us his unique perspective on the path to recovery as we deal with the economic and social consequences of the pandemic, the incoming shifts in global markets, particularly China and the United States, as well as Australia’s vital role in addressing key geopolitical matters. Greg and John discuss the importance of open and constructive debate, which in times has been marred by unhealthy, zealous political correctness.

John gives us a rare glimpse into the corridors of power, spanning from Canberra to Washington, D.C., where he had postings at the International Monetary Fund and the Australian Embassy, from London to the Middle East, in his roles with UBS Global Asset Management and UBS Saudi Arabia, and from Presidents to Prime Ministers.

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