In Episode 32, “Putting the Planet First”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to Geoff Brunsdon, Chairman of Sims Metal Management Ltd, APN Funds Management Ltd and MetLife Insurance Ltd.

Geoff, Chairman of the world’s leading metal recycler, addresses what is arguably the most important generational issue of our time. He presents the potential of hydrogen economies, the value of having more forward-thinking Boards and highlights the necessity to shift to more sustainable systems, especially with changing attitudes and growing amount of waste the world produces. He cites the policies implemented by leading nations to drive this change and also showcases what Sims Metal Management is doing to lead and participate in the transition into a world with lower carbon emissions.

As Chairman of a company with over two hundred facilities across twenty countries in five continents, Geoff shares with us his views on the role of the Board in the success of a business. From being passionate about the purpose of the company to having the right mentors, Geoff and Greg discuss the different facets of Directorship and the dangers of allowing negative behaviours to become entrenched and normalised in a company.

In this discussion, Geoff brings a perspective of optimism at a time when the world and its leaders are facing crucial decisions. He talks about the importance of being able to integrate new technologies into existing businesses, without leaving behind sectors of society that may be marginalised as an effect of this shift. Furthermore, Geoff stresses the need for imagination and investment to usher in a new age of sustainable industrial economies.

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