In Episode 30, “Finding a Voice in a World of Noise“, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to the Managing Director of Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia, James Taylor.

Having been in a variety of industries, James always had a particular interest in media. After finishing his master’s degree, he started a role with the ABC and then headed overseas to work at British Telecom. After the Global Financial Crisis, James returned to Australia and worked at Deloitte, where he had the SBS as one of his clients. From there, he started his career in SBS with the finance team, becoming CFO, before being appointed Managing Director in October 2018.

With respect to the constant evolution of the various facets of media, from fake news in social channels influencing public perceptions to preferences when it comes to how content is consumed, James shares his thoughts on these topics and explains how the SBS stays true to its unique purpose, and role as a public broadcaster.

James takes pride in being part of an organisation that promotes unity and diversity by delivering a product which aims to inform, include and engage all Australians. SBS broadcasts in 68 languages through a variety of platforms.

In this day and age of data and analytics, James and Greg discuss how leaders should take time to listen and think. In his role, James believes that the ability to hear and listen to a diversity of thoughts and ideas enables one to have a more profound impact in an organisation, and even society.

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