In Episode 27, “Fear – What’s Fear?”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to one of Australia’s greatest entrepreneurs Gerry Harvey, Chairman of the well-known retail group, Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd. Under Gerry’s tenure, the business has become one of the most successful retailers with 195 franchised stores in Australia and 89 stores in New Zealand, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia with many more on the way.

Beginning his career as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman to becoming one of the most recognised and distinguished business leaders, Gerry shares with us the genesis and growth of Harvey Norman, sharing with us the many ups and downs he has had to face in order to thrive in one of the most competitive industries.

In Part B of this two part series, Gerry discusses the state of retail, Australian and international politics, the economy, seizing opportunity, his passion for horse trading and the important things in life.

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