In Episode 21, “Failure Isn’t Fatal”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to Rob Newman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nearmap Ltd, a next generation digital content provider offering access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D data sets and integrated geospatial tools.

Starting his first business whilst still at University, Rob had his entrepreneurial spirit implanted in him at a young age. Being fascinated by technology in his youth, he was encouraged by his father to use that fascination and mix it with business, laying the foundations for his future endeavours.

Rob highlights the fact that Australia “hasn’t created a culture and a belief that we can be commercially successful with technology”. He believes that Australians have the capacity to excel in creating technology, but falter in our knowledge of how to market and sell technology. Instead, Australian’s either license, sell-out and go offshore too early. This leaves most of the value and experience offshore, robbing Australia of the opportunity to build a sustainable technology industry.

In this very upbeat and passionate discussion, Rob offers a piece of advice for the Government regarding technology, “get out of the way”. He believes the continual shift in policy regarding innovation by the Australian Government is a huge detriment to the survival and growth of the industry. He states what is needed is for the Government to disassociate itself from start-ups and allow for free-enterprise to take hold.

Lastly, Rob comments on understanding the importance of failure in future success. The numerous trials and tribulations he has gone through his career have left a distinct impression on him in which he understands without risk there can be no reward.

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