In Episode 18, “It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint”, Blenheim Partners‘ Gregory Robinson is delighted to speak to Kate McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Ltd.

Greg dials across the Tasman to speak to Kate and discusses how by 2022, 87% of New Zealanders will have access to high speed fibre broadband and how the premise of wanting to keep New Zealand ahead of the curve has promoted a climate of innovation and digitisation. “Our vision is to keep New Zealand new and our purpose is to make New Zealand better”. The build is on time and on budget, giving people access to affordable and high quality broadband, which in turn is assisting in the growth and evolvement of the economy.

Kate also discusses the increasing influence that the internet has on our lives and shares with us the opportunities and challenges she faces at Chorus. In particular, the benefits of co-operation and innovation between company and state as well as the responsibility that comes in having to deal with cyber criminals.

As Chief Executive Officer, Kate shares her thoughts on leadership, the importance of personal character traits of optimism, curiosity, and courage. She also puts forward her thoughts on executives having at least one external role, a definition of diversity and the need to engender confidence in the up and coming executives.

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