In Episode 16, “Aerotropolis – The Future of International Airports”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson is delighted to talk to Graham Millett, Chief Executive Officer of WSA Co. Graham has been given the monumental task of being at the reins for the construction of Western Sydney Airport. Graham brings extensive experience in the aviation industry as well as being a qualified pilot.

Graham discusses the importance of looking outwards at other international airports in gaining a perspective of what elements create the perfect airport. He shares with Greg his plans on opening a carbon neutral airport with renewable energy, low wastage levels and plenty of recycling.

Graham discusses the technologies he wants to completely immerse into the new Western Sydney airport with newer more advanced technologies than currently available at Kingsford Smith Airport which will ultimately help create a more relaxed and leisurely experience upon arriving at the airport. He shares with us his plan on working with Uber Elevate to create what sounds like “flying cars” to assist with congestion as well as time. Adding to Uber Elevate, he shares his vision of the airport having a strong public transport presence which again, will help lessen congestion and reduce pollution.

He also stresses the importance of an airport being more than just an airport, his key goal is to create an Aerotropolis, which he defines as an aviation city. Graham and his team hope to create an airport which combines residential, commercial and industrial types of facilities, essentially becoming a hub of not just air travel but a hub of business.

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