In Episode 135 of the No Limitations podcast Another Hole in the Ground, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Douglas Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Coronado Global Resources Inc.

In an enlightening discussion, Douglas offers a thorough analysis of the shifting market dynamics within the coal industry whilst underscoring the pivotal role of metallurgical coal in the global energy transition. Douglas critiques Australia’s political inertia, lamenting its impact on the country’s global market positioning despite our abundant resources. He advocates that the nation needs to “shake loose” from its bureaucratic processes, emphasising the need for informed voting and proactive policymaking to leverage our resources effectively. Douglas redefines mining beyond just “another hole in the ground”, highlighting the vast career opportunities and sense of community that is deeply rooted within the industry. Embracing instability, he outlines how he stays agile as a leader and the importance of lifting one’s head to look over the horizon. Lastly, Douglas urges listeners not to lose sight of the magic in the moment whilst “challenging the next giant”.

Douglas joined Coronado in August 2021 as the Chief Operating Officer of Australia and was subsequently appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in May 2023. Prior to joining Coronado, Douglas was employed by CIMIC Group Ltd, where he held the role of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Thiess since 2017. Additionally, in the role of Mining and Mineral Processing Executive, Douglas was responsible for leading CIMIC Group’s operating company Sedgman. Douglas commenced his mining career at Gold Fields Ltd in South Africa, where he held various leadership roles during his tenure.

Please note: this episode was recorded on 12 June 2024.

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