In Episode 13, “A Leader is a Dealer in Hope”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson is delighted to talk to Vik Bansal, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd.

In an inspiring episode, Vik lays the groundwork for what makes success. He reinforces this notion by sharing his own story and how the risks he took which others declined, ultimately spring boarded him on a global career. His enthusiastic and relentless drive has established him as a leader of the highest degree.

Vik brings a spirited approach to leadership, his deep thinking and front facing style to the “moments of truth” is evident throughout Greg and Vik’s discussion. Sustainability is at the forefront of Vik’s agenda, he states “there is nothing Cleanaway does every single minute, every day, which does not help the planet”.

He explains that he and Cleanaway are at the “pointy edge” of something critical for the human species and shares his belief that a clear national waste and climate policy is needed to help cement sustainability in the minds of all Australian households, an opportunity worthy of pursuit.

Vik is concerned that leadership is highly underestimated in today’s society and needs to be encouraged. Vik puts forward the quintessential trait of a leader is humility and that honesty is the best medicine. In a thought provoking discussion, Vik forces us to really think and provides key insights to a philosophy which has allowed him to bring about unprecedented results in what most others felt was a lost cause.

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