In Episode 111 of the No Limitations podcast Rolling the Dice, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Matt Allen, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tractor Ventures, a non-bank lender focused on technology startups.

In a lively discussion, Matt shares with us the unique proposition of Tractor Ventures. Unfazed by the appeal of launching rockets, Matt and the team at Tractor Ventures focus on consistency, reliability and giving founders the optionality to scale. He touches on the excitement that comes with the unknown when it comes to investing in game-changing technologies as well as the evolving role of founders in the startup ecosystem. Finally, Matt and Greg discuss the challenges and opportunities for startups in the current environment and what can be done to help build Australia’s standing in the global technology landscape.

Prior to founding Tractor Ventures in 2020, Matt was part of the venture capital and startup team at Amazon Web Services and previously held Chief Technology Officer roles. He is also Chairman of AI-driven experience platform Qsic, Co-Founder of Side Stage Ventures and a member of the investment committee of the Alice Anderson Fund, co-investment fund developed by the Victorian government to invest into women-lead startups.

Please note: this episode was recorded on 14 February 2023.

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