In episode 103 of the No Limitations podcast “A Period of Great Change”, Blenheim Partners’ Gregory Robinson speaks to Scott Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of leading energy company Viva Energy Group Ltd, which supplies about a quarter of Australia’s fuel requirements.

With change occurring on a multitude of fronts, Scott and Viva Energy are uniquely positioned, catering to Australia’s energy needs now and well into the future. Scott shares with us not only Viva Energy’s rich 120-year history, but also how they are positioning themselves for the new environment, as we embark on a monumental transition that will change the way we live. Having led Viva Energy in the last eight years as well as teams across the world, he casts a light on the pivotal role leadership plays in navigating uncertainty, inspiring new ideas and setting a clear direction.

Following a long career with Shell in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, Scott was appointed CEO of Viva Energy Australia in 2014. He is a Director of the Australian Institute of Petroleum and previously served on the Board of Viva Energy REIT.

Please note: this episode was recorded in June 2022.

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