Helen Keller

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Macquarie Group chairman lashes ‘xenophobia’

Macquarie Group chairman Kevin McCann has hit out at “racism” and “xenophobia” in Australia’s foreign investment…

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Ann Sherry says boards that fail on gender have no hope for diversity targets

Trailblazing business leader Ann Sherry has highlighted the lack of racial diversity on boards and said if chairmen…

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Risk-averse directors are stifling growth

A lack of genuine diversity on corporate boards and the emergence of "career directors" may be draining listed…

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Directors look at boards with brutal honesty

Readers of a new report that compiles the thoughts of leading chairmen and non-executive directors on how to meet the…

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Directors need to focus less on the risk and more on the reward

"Boards are all in the business of assessing risks," says Arlene Tansey, a non-executive director of Primary…

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