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Blenheim Partners is an elite international Board, Executive Search and Advisory Firm. We focus on Board level appointments, and specialise in finding Chairman, Non-Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officers and C-Level Executives. Blenheim Partners was founded in 2012 with the singular purpose of providing a unique client partnering model to help organisations deliver superior performance by optimising the composition of their Board and Executive team. Our work falls into three areas: Non-Executive Director, Top Level Executive Search and Advisory.

Our team have acted for over 80 ASX 100 companies, 10% of the FTSE 100 companies, as well as conducted high profile global searches.

The Blenheim Partners team have advised at Board, Chief Executive Officer and other C-Level Executive for the ASX 100, FTSE 100, North American and European multi-national, Asian listed companies and a range of premier financial institutions, mid-cap and early stage developing companies both publicly and privately owned. We also consult for not-for-profit, government and sporting groups. 

Clients call on Blenheim Partners for advice in their critical decisions regarding the people who head their organisations. We serve our clients with advice that is based on a deep understanding of their organisation, an expert perspective on their leadership needs, and a thorough knowledge of the universe of potential candidates, which combine to produce real insight. Thanks to our reputation and the strength of our network, we are in a position to enable our clients to access and appoint the most talented business leaders worldwide.

The core of the Blenheim Partners expertise is in understanding Boards and C-Level Executives: their role, their composition and what makes a high performing Board and Executive.  

Blenheim Partners has a commitment to enhancing the gender diversity of the Boards and Executive teams. Our Gender Diversity Practice through our Women for Boards programme assists female talent to secure their first Board roles.   

Blenheim Partners is a deliberately boutique firm which employs some of the best people in the industry. Without the distractions and demands of a larger organisation, we can focus entirely on our clients.

Our Model

We follow a differentiated approach that seeks to deliver better results for our clients.

  • One Firm

We operate as “One Firm”. We reward our team from a single profit pool rather than on the basis of the “commission-based“ model that characterises almost all other executive search firms.

We take the view we can serve clients better at the highest, Board level through effective team collaboration and placing client service at the forefront of what we do. Our clients engage the whole firm, more than just individual consultants. We staff each assignment with the best people drawing on the collective experience of the whole firm, not just the Partner with whom they are working most closely. As professionals, we are driven primarily by our desire to achieve the best outcome for our clients, every time.

  • Client Focus

We only partner with one to two companies per sector which is unique to the industry. The partnering approach allows us to negate any conflicts of interest or off limits issues and serve our client with the dedication required at the highest level of engagement. It also provides our client the optimum capability of securing the very best talent from the local and international market.

  • International Reach

We meet our clients’ needs, anywhere in the world. Our outlook, scope and experience are international. We bring a deep personal knowledge of the leading international talent across sectors. Over 90% of our searches are explicitly international or global in scope and routinely cover North and South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Australasia. 

  • Research

We understand how Boards and Executive teams function, the skills a Director and Executive must have. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our research and our ability to come up with lateral and innovative suggestions.

We identify talent and invest much time getting to know the best potential candidates. We have an exceptional network of Board and C-Level Executive contacts on whom we call at every stage as a vital means of checking and referencing candidates.

Blenheim Partners and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) have come together to write, launch and present a series of thought leadership papers: The Blenheim & MGSM Insight Series.

  • Depth Of Insight, Creativity & Judgement

Our team are all highly experienced with the appetite, intellect and skills to provide real insight on the business challenges and context, thereby sharpening the brief and assessing the optimal candidates.

Blenheim Partners excel at testing searches. Whether clients need a rare combination of skills, or a new team to achieve a turnaround, or an individual to make a difficult relocation, we have no limitations in doing what it takes to post-Board results.

  • Gender Diversity

We have built a network of high-quality, high-potential women who are ready to take their first Non-Executive Director role, developed through an extensive process of research and recommendation. The network includes women with exceptional experience and backgrounds in business and other areas such as consulting, accountancy, the law, charity and government. The database is continuously updated as new candidates are identified. Drawing on this our Gender Diversity Practice assists companies to identify suitable Directors to join their Boards. For more information please read Women For Boards. For more information please contact:

  • Advisory

Our advisory practice works closely with our clients on tailored projects as well as pre and post Board and Executive search. The practice assists in Board Performance Review and effectiveness, executive team audit, leadership and competency gap analysis, leadership benchmarking, structured development plans, On Boarding and Executive coaching. Please refer to Our Advisory.

  • Re-Engagement

High touch consultation process to managing Senior Executives through their departure and re-engagement to the workforce. Our process includes in-depth interview and assessment, candidate preparation, coaching, market intelligence and plan for re-entry.

  • Fee Structure

Our fee structure is unique to the industry. Our clients determine our fee based on expectations being exceeded.

  • Professionalism and Integrity

We have a reputation for total discretion and delivering to agreed timings, quietly and efficiently.