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Clients call on Blenheim Partners for advice in their critical decisions regarding the people who head their organisations.

The heart of Blenheim Partners expertise is in understanding Boards and C-Level Executives: their role, their composition and what makes a high performing Board and Executive. We understand how Boards and Executive teams function and the skills a Director and Executive must have. We identify talent and invest much time getting to know the best potential candidates. We have an exceptional network of Board and C-Level Executive contacts on whom we call at every stage as a vital means of checking and referencing candidates.

Blenheim is a boutique firm which employs some of the best people in the industry. Without the distractions and demands of a larger organisation, we can focus entirely on our clients. Our size enables us to collaborate easily, so that clients have the benefit of the experience of the whole firm, not just the Partner with whom they are working most closely. We only partner with a few companies per sector. Our Search falls into three categories: Non-Executive Director, Top Level Executive Search and Strategic External Succession Planning.

  • Non-Executive Director

The level of scrutiny and expectations placed on Boards by shareholders and external commentators are higher than they have ever been. The team at Blenheim have the experience and understand the unique pressures of the Boardroom.

We work with the Board to assess the Board’s performance against the relevant ASX Corporate Guidelines, the performance and ambitions of the organisation and the level of alignment.

When working on Chairman succession, we focus on ensuring alignment around the key business challenges, expectations of the Chairman’s role and time commitment, and the credentials and capabilities that are required. We then work confidentially to identify and assess potential candidates and help our clients to manage the critical process of selecting the right successor, whether from the existing Board or from outside.  

Characteristics of the Chairman are key and can include: combining outstanding business judgement with a high degree of emotional intelligence, sophisticated team leadership skills, calmness under fire and the integrity to put company first before self.

Non-Executive Directors are members of a team, and we encourage our clients to consider individual appointments as part of an overall succession planning process. We work with clients to examine the strategic needs of the business and how the Board will add value, by defining the collective capabilities the Board needs and the current or potential gaps that need to be filled. We then write a brief for the new Non-Executive Director, and this determines the nature of the profiles that we explore.

We pay particular attention to the need for appropriate diversity – whether gender, nationality or experience. In our assessment of candidates through interviewing and referencing we look for capability and character. Our Gender Diversity Practice assists companies to identify suitable female Directors to join their Boards. If you are interested in being part of the database or in hearing more about what Women For Boards can do for your Board, please contact:

  • Top Level Executive Search

Approximately seventy percent of our work is Executive Search. We concentrate on strategically important roles and in particular identifying Chief Executive Officer’s and C-Level Executives and direct reports to the top team.

Our clients come from all sectors, functions and disciplines. The team at Blenheim have handled top-level assignments across all functions and disciplines. Our work is characterised by the focus we bring to sharpening the brief, the global nature of our searches, our ability to attract the very best candidates, the diverse nature of our shortlists and our emphasis on confidentiality and discretion.

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  • External Strategic Succession Planning

With increased focus shareholders and external bodies to whether shareholder value is being maintained in regards to secure leadership, the valid question posed to the Board or Executive Committee is “do you have an exemplary succession planning strategy?” Succession planning is typically “internal and reactive”. Our methodology focuses on the external candidates and their cultivation as part of our client’s competitive strategy. It helps Boards, Chief Executives and Human Resources fully understand the lead talent in the marketplace and provides an advanced complementary programme and head start when needed to conduct a search for an executive role. More information can be found in the following report: Succession Planning.

Please read our most recent Case Study.